Lightroom Presets: A How to Guide

Building and Using Presets in Adobe Lightroom


Editing your images will often take a great image and make it spectacular. I don't know a single photographer that doesn't edit their images, either in Lightroom or in Photoshop. 

 That said, it can be a HUGE gravity well of time and energy to get them done both efficiently, and to your satisfaction. So how do we combat this? Enter presets... 

 Presets in LR can save you huge amounts of time, and as I am learning, can be applied to multiple images as a base place to start. Are your images a bit flat? The contrast control, vibrance, etc., can all be adjusted and applied either when you import your images, or with a simple control click of the mouse on certain images. 

 Believe me it doesn't work 100% of the time. You will have to set them for different lighting situations, times of day, action vs landscape and a myriad of other reasons. It can be a big time consuming to begin with, however, it will save time on the other end. Now that said, there are shortcuts we can take to build the presets, especially if you already have a bunch of great images edited. 

 As many of my followers already know, I am a big fan of the tutorials offered by Aaron Nace and the Phlearn team. Their Lightroom 101 and 201 offer great instruction on the best way to use this program. I'll post the links below! You can also check out Glyn Dewis and his tutorials here on YouTube for more instructions of Lightroom as well. Finally there is this article from Digital Photography School describing how to build of your own presets and how to use them, in a quick reference guide.

 The main thing I have learned is to experiment as much as you can! Take what you've learned, tweak, go nuts with the different sliders. Make notes though on the adjustments you like, and save those as presets for future use. It will help speed up the workflow! 


Have fun, and I'll see you all on the next round!