5 Acre Shaker Sat & Sun



A Local to the island band bringing a mash up of Reggae, Rocksteady, Roots blended together for a beautiful sound that is fun to dance to and is full of amazing sounds!


Non-Stop Talk

A local Vancouver Island band combining elements of Rock, Pop, Funk and Jazz.


The New Groovement

If The Roots had the soul of Aretha Franklin and the energy of Jamiroquai then you’d have The New Groovement. The band seamlessly blends elements of R&B, soul, and hip hop to create a funk-i-fied feast for the ears that is as unique as it is versatile. Punchy horns, sweet vocals, clever rhymes, and tight percussion combine to create energetic, feel-good music that will get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor!


North-West Fresh

Original Hip-Hop Music, the group is from Vancouver Island, BC. Artistic expression through poetry, singing, rhythm, and flow. Real and Original.


The Hip Replacements

The Hip Replacements are a tribute band to The Canadian iconic band The Tragically Hip. They have been able to (in my own opinion) completely recreate a 'Hip" show to the point where I forgot I wasn't watching the Tragically Hip. Super high energy, and their music is second to one. 


Ellice Blackout

Three years ago, Ellice Blackout merged five experienced musicians dedicated to the larger-than-life sound of high-energy, hard rock. All five share a common desire to capture the experience of a giant stadium concert and hit you with it through headphones, the radio, or at a live show. They’re also a tight group of friends whose closeness and mutual admiration comes across in their performances.


Sydney Reynolds

Singer Song writer from Port Alberni! Liquid smooth voice, and beautiful sounds!


Quadra Sound

The Vancouver Island based three-piece has been quickly establishing itself show after show, as major rock n' roll force in the Western Canadian music scene; the result of a astounding year including 1st place at "Battle Of The Bands", Multiple Shows in Victoria & Vancouver, and the soon to be, release of their critically aclaimed debut singles.