Photo Editing Services


 Do you have pictures that have been damaged due to some accident or being a victim of a flood? Or was it simply a matter of someone spilled wine on your great-great-Grandmothers photo? Have you taken pictures that looked great when you were taking them, only to be let down when you uploaded them to your computer because they are lacklustre and don't have that WOW factor that you remember? Possibly, you are also a professional photographer, and just do not have the time to edit your images.

 This is where I come in. Upload your image in the boxes below, and according to your specifications, I will be able to repair damaged photographs, put life into dull images, and do batch editing to the highest degree, for the most discerning photographer, both professional and amateur alike.  

 I have extensive experience in the following areas:

- Restoring old and damaged photos

- Removing unwanted artifacts/people in images

- Inserting people, places and things into an image

- Colour Balancing, and making your images "POP"

I charge by the hour for restoration and image post processing. 

  • $50.00/hr for the first hour

  • $40.00/hr for the second hour

  • $30.00/hr for every hour afterwards.

  • For large batch editing, please contact me and we can discuss what works best for you!