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Introduction to photography

Darran Chaisson Photography Introduction to DSLR

You love taking your camera out when you are exploring, yet every image you make seems to be lacking compared to what you see with your eye. The primary root of this problem is shooting in Auto mode. Meaning the camera is doing all the thinking for you. There's only one problem A camera doesn't have a real brain. It can't think or compensate for issues that confuse a camera, and it isn't able to compose an image by itself. You have already invested money, time, and energy to make better images but you are not satisfied with the results. Why is that? There are so many functions in your camera, and often reading the manual doesn't help us. We need to understand the fundamentals of camera usage and photography as a whole. We need to visualize, experiment and gain hands on experience with the functions. So join me for this popular workshop to learn more about your DSLR, the settings and how to apply the information you gain.

This 2 part, 1 day course Introduction to Digital Cameras workshop is primarily intended for photographers using digital SLR cameras, but many Manual capable digital compact cameras are also suitable. Each participant is expected to bring a digital camera with a fully charged battery and memory card(s), if you still have your users manual, it would be a good idea to bring it along.

What You will Learn:

First 2.5 hours session you will learn the Digital cameras terminology, other settings such as Aperture Priority etc.

As well as going through the different functionalities such as: Shutter Speed, Aperture Value, ISO, White Balance, Histogram, Metering, Auto Focusing, Camera Maintenance, Lens Focal Length, Hidden functions, and much more.

**A half hour for break**

The Next 2 hours is the really fun part. This portion is where we will be going out with our cameras, trying the different principles we have learned and putting them into practice.

During the Shoot portion we will work with almost all the different settings and scenarios that the average person would encounter when taking photos.

After this course, you won't want to use AUTO mode anymore, and you will see a marked improvement in your images.